David Perry 1945-2008

David was from Nantucket Island, Mass. David had many friends and was a big part of the community.

David was a great musician, he played guitar since he was a young boy. Music was all around him. His Dad, Joe Perry, played the violin.

David played in many local bands, such as Black Cat with George Gardos and Nick Ferrantella. Ferrantella went on to become Road Manager for Mountain, Foreigner and West Bruce & Laing.

David also played with the Dionysians in the 60s with Ferrantella, Vaughn Machado, Robert Vanarsdale and Biff Campbell. After Biff passed on, the bass duties went to Julian.

David was in Vietnam in the 60s and was wounded and awarded the Purple Heart.

David joined the rock group Mountain in 1973 and did live tours and was on Mountain's last album with the late Felix Pappalardi on an album called Avalanche.

David had three brothers and eight sisters, and was also an avid fisherman and carpenter.

He will be missed by those of us who knew and loved him.

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photo1.jpg - <p>The Dionysians. Front row: Vaughn Machado, Nick Ferrantella. Back row: Julian and David</p> photo2.jpg - <p>The Vandells - Van Kenny, Julian and David Perry at 30 Acres</p> photo3.jpg - <p>The Dionysians on stage.</p> photo4.jpg - <p>David Perry's nephews, Neil and Julian</p> photo5.jpg - <p>David Perry in Action</p> D-photo10.jpg - D-photo6.jpg - <p>David Perry and Felix Pappalardi on stage with Mountain.</p> D-photo7.jpg - <p>David onstage in Nantucket.</p> D-photo8.jpg - <p>Do you know what this is?</p> D-photo9.jpg - dionysians.jpg - <p>Jimmy Duarte (front left), with the Dionysians</p>